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Star wars OC: Jararn hinjo by art-is-my-bream
Star wars OC: Jararn hinjo
Name:Jaran hinjo

Homeworld: Garnus

Family: none 

Dob:August 27th 

Wepon: first a wooden do staff then changes to a macanical one later.

Strangths/skills: flexible, good balance, medical training, helpful, compasanet, can hold his own in a fight,loyal, can be friendly after a period of knowing his,observent.

Weakness: isn't social unless necessary,  a show off, openly angered if looked down on,Takes time to know/open up,Can't fight off more then six guys at a time, not the best shot with a blaster,abit egotistical.

Personally: Being the only person ever to not only survive but live in the Garnus swap gave Jararn a bit of an ego trip, he often brings it up if no real other reason to annoy people and he never misses a chance to show off his balancing act. But when push comes to shove he's there for those that need him and isn't one to run when things get tough and will respect those that are devoted good and freedom.

Jaran grew up on the planet Garnus with his stay at home mom and heard working dad. He loved the out doors and spent most of his time day when he was 8 a local gang tried to rob his home, his father told him and his mother he would distract them while jaran and his mother escaped. The plan didn't work out and both his parents lost their lives and Jaran was the only one that escaped. One of the gang members fallowed him how ever forcing Jaran to run into the nearby woods, This did make the thug stop chasing him but being so scared Jaran just ran deeper into them. Once he did stop he found himself  in the Grimers swamp a very dangerous place. However do to his already good knowledge on servile he learned how to live there by observing the animals. Years went by and Jararn had made a good life for himself in the swamp and found most of the plants had strong (if not gross or painful) healing abilitys and trained himself in medical practices (medicine making and learned how to stich). One day a ship crashed in the swamp and left princess Pallara and her Jedi body gaurd Kit Fisto stranded. Gose to investigate he inconters Pallara who was left by herself while Fisto went to scout the ariea. The two ingage in a fight and he ultimately over powers her and wins. When a pained scram from Fisto draw their a tention the two find him with an hurt arm face to face a Bwile-beast. Jaran pushes it back to its cave and invites them back to his "home" where he can heal Fisto's arm. He exsplans that he knows the swamp and if they don't let him lead them to the ship they will be killed by it. As the trio gose on him and Pallara become friends quickly. Once the reach the ship Fisto call for help they accidentally awaken another much learger  bwile-beast and he and master Fisto are taken out. When he awakes he is in the medical wing of a Jedi ship with Pallara. He is tolled that he could be of help to them and agrees.when it becomes advise the a Jedi Master may not always be available to protect Pallara (don't to the war and other Jedi business) she suggested jaran be her gaurd for those times,he agrees. He is later a signed to final training with a few clones to get him fully ready for when he is needed.

Fun facts:

Spends most of his free time with Pallara.

Don't know how to respond if someone complements him (he mostly just awardly bows.) 

Traind with Rex and Cody

Has a dislike a C3P-O 

Is Awkward around people of power (is actually intimidated by them but won't say it.)

Has some feral insticts (will bare his teeth and growl when angery a someone.)

Loves the night.

Star wars rebles OC: Talera by art-is-my-bream
Star wars rebles OC: Talera
WARNING is profile may contain spoilers for another story.

Name: Talera (Tal-are-a) 

Dob September 12th.

Weapon: Mechanical bio staff. 

Side : Rebels

Age:19 (Joined at 15) 

Strangths: unstoppable with her bio staff, good agility, honest, has medical training,understanding.

Weakness: not good with a blaster, spends alot for time in the past, can be cold,  over protective, poor stamina, emodinal.

Personally: at first she may seem like she doesn't like or trust you well she probably doesn't but that's how most rebles work, how ever stick around and prove your on her side you got your self a friend for life (and pretty much a big sister.) If you ever have anything about family you want talk about or even your past her ears are open. Just never let it be known to her you gave up on family because to her that is everything!she can be laid back and there are really only three things that anger her 
The empire, rian and when someone she doesn't know touches her,luckily for the gost crew she has good anger management.... On the days she meditates.

Family: mother Pallara (Alive), younger Sister 'kaya (Alive), Father Jararn (Believed to be Alive) 


Even though she was born/grew up During the clone wars Talera grew up with no real knowledge of the war,do to her home planet being still under control of the republic at the time. She never saw the coming and going of a few Jedi and consel members as anything more than her parents friends coming for a visit and vis- versa when they went to the temple or the cenet. This all changed when she 6 a few months before order 66. When Jedi Master Depa,her padawan Caleb Dume and a small group of clones Came to retrieve some information the king and Queen had gathered. Just as they went to leave the palace came under attack, holding off the attackers as much as they could Jararn eventually told master Depa to take the Children and his wife and get them off world, while he and the clones stayed behind and crated a distraction. By the the time this was all said and done the little princess was exhausted and fell asleep on the jet not long after. She woke up hours later in a small house out side  of a village one the planet nator. Looking for her mother she found her outside taking to the Jedi. After they left she was tolled by her mother that couldn't go home for awhile and that daddy would be gone for a time and they couldn't tell anyone they were Royalty . years past and Talera grew up in the small twon ,but still being From narlone  grew to hate the republic. Wanting to stick it to them she assumed a secret identify and began messing with their crago transports . One day while hoping to switch to boxes around she was foild by a man named Kanan and his friend Hara who was attempting to steal the cargo. The three where spotted and Kanan was shot. Not know what else to do she convinced them to come with her back to her house where here mother could heal him. Once there Talera called for her mother,who apone seeing Kanan recognized him as the young padawan from years before and embraced him as well as welcome him and Hara to stay while she fixed up Kanan. When it came time for the two Rebels to leave it was obvious that Talera wanted to join them, lucky her mother under stood and let her go and told her to keep Kanan safe, unknown to Talera Her mother made Kanan and Hara promise the same. Also unknown to her was that her mother let her mostly because Talera had recently bin on a wanted: Dead or alive poster from the republic. Now fighting for the rebles Talera four goles: free the galaxy, find her father, get her planet back and protected the Jedi.

Fun facts:

Has met at least four Jedi(not counting Kanan and Ezra) in her life time.

Is an inch taller than Sabin.

Met Padme and Bail. 

Has bin to the Jedi temple twice. 

Refuses to believe father is dead because there was never a word said or evidence that said he was.

Met Rex and Cody

Was neutral when they voted on going back to get Ezra saying 'look I don't care if we go back or not.' 

Likes sun sets and snails. 

Is more of a scout.

Met Tup and Fives

Can't fully remember any of the Jedi Master's or anyone's face that she didn't spend much time with before losing her home.

This bugs her.

The memories she wants to remember are the ones everyone wants to for get.

So, I was going to wait a while to post this but I didn't want anything to happen in the shows canon the would make this look like she was a copy cat and no I don't know why she looks like a Latino feusin of Rapunzel and Elsa. I have also changed her armor what's really all you needed to have her was her face.
Star wars OC: Princess Pallara kanore by art-is-my-bream
Star wars OC: Princess Pallara kanore
Name: Pallara (pul-air-a) Kanore

Age: 17(in the story)

Home world: Nrelone 

Family: father .

Dob: November 22nd 

Weapon: Twin daggers

Strangths: calm, kind, respectful, Good leadership skills(unkowm to her), follows orders, can pick up on strong feelings, can defend herself, Navigation/Observation.

Weakness: is not a battle fighter,  awkward around new people(especially those of "a higher rank" then her) has a hard time knowing what to say, may act rashly in high tension situations, has a heard time looking people in the eye, only speaks two languages. 

Likes: Medicine making, small talk, helping those in need, sight seeing, Dancing, star gazing.

Dislikes: when she told she can help, Slavery, falling,being cold, mistreatment, greed ,seeing people in pain. 

Bio : 

Pallara is sheltered Princess of Nrelone a  her life was almost always normal until she was seventeen years old when her mother was killed by an assassin. After the lose of her mother the king limited Pallara's out side time and was made to have a gaurd with her when ever she was out in the cort yard to keep her safe. When she turned 19 she began lessons to prepare her to become a senator for their planet, During one lesson a bullet flew through the window and grazed the top of her shoulder seeing the assassin was still targeting his family, king cian decided to call in a favor owed to him by Jedi Master ki adi mundi and asked to keep his daughter safe by letting her stay at the Jedi temple in discise while they hunted down the assassin. They agreed to this as Arelone was a great alley to the republic and could not afford to be lost if the separatist were behind this like they thought. It was decided that after her injury healed fully one of the Jedi masters would go and retrieve her and serve as her body guard for the time.

Once healed the consel sent Master Kit fisto to escort the princess back to the temple where she would listed as youngling Masha Jarrose. One the way back how ever the ship crashed and landed them in the  swamp  of the planet mesho one of the most deadly places and in the galaxy. There she is temporarly separed from master Fisto and meets a boy her age named Jararn hinjo whom saposedly has lived there since he was 8. With his help Pallara finds master Fisto, how is cornerd my a 10ft. Tall beast called a Bwile-Beast , jararn some how pasifise it. After this display of skill he is asked to help them get to the recage of the ship to hopefully call for help, he agrees. Once at  the recage of they signal help. But While waiting for it to arrive the trio Is attacked by a bwile-beast, both Fisto and Jararn and taken out and Pallara is left to her own devices and as to try to pasifie the beast like Jararn. Once help arives all three are taken aboard the ship for medical treatment when he comes to Jararn tell Pallara he would like to stay with her and the two become friends.

Fun facts 

The first time she meets Anican he still has his braid.

She hardly ever leaves the temple, when she does its with a Jedi or high ranking clone trooper.

Is aloud to go on none-vionlent missions to look more convincing.

Spends most free time with Jararn. 

Knows padme and Bail.

Is always unsure if what she is doing is right. 

Dislikes being called Your highness or Princess as it feels it puts her above people.

Home planet isn't as technical as others.

Home planet is incredibly diverse (the occupants rang from Twi'leks to Wookies) 


Star wars belongs to Disney or who ever

And the model is from remau games star wars maker.

Pallara and Jararn are mine.
Mario OC: Ragle Rweedths by art-is-my-bream
Mario OC: Ragle Rweedths
Name: Ragle rweeths

Name meaning: play on ragweed

Species: bramble whitch.

Age: 25.

Eye color: grayish purple.

Hair: blackish purple with hair band.

Place of residences: home in the fogy forest.

Home land:bramble Island.
Friends:Luigi, Mario, Princess peach, Prince Peasly, Prince Pine, Prince Haru,Princess Daisey.

Likes: flying, magic,Parking,grading,playing, wind,helping,organized chasos,jump scaring, watching people message up.

Dislikes: being looked down on, the color orange, boos,Bowser(and koopas), Goombas(evil), being bitten, being ittchy, being spooked,getting wet,Fire,slugs.

Weakness: a bit arogent, a loud mouth, has a hard time in big crowds, ADHD,likes to point out people's flaws (won't let Peasly live down being turned into a dragon.), Doesn't things seriously,has a hard time learning main land spells,overreacts.

Personality: Is really childish and loves to push peoples buttons but a true friend and helpful once you get to know her.she is a space case and is easily distracted by somethings and can be forgetful (she left Bramble island with out getting a spells book.). While she'll never admit it she's not the best at spells that doesn't come naturally to her kind (bramble growing  and levitating.).if she gets embarrassed if front of someone she can't talk to them for a day and if she's mad you can expect to be the target of her pranks. While being bratty is something she loves she only dose it if the person she has a prank pland for is not sad or angry. Likes to be parked back.

Bio: Ragle comes for bramble island a far away island from the main land (where the mushroom kingdom is). She's also the first Bramble whitch to come to the main land in over 200 years. This is seen as odd as bramble whitches literally live in a world of black and white,rules, no fun and tend to view the the main landers as unorginzed. But Ragle unlike her kind has a love for mischief. When she first meets princess peach and the Mario brothers she comes as an enemy of sorts as she cause's things in the castle too levitate,surprised (scare.),zapp,dump water on them and getting them tangled in bramble vines. after getting feed up the Mario mages to knock her off her broom he asks why she was being mean to them. Shocked she reveals she thought the reactions to the 'pranks'where the right ones considering that's the ones she got from everyone back on the Island. After explaining a prank is something confuse and not hurt people they then ask why she left her home. She exsplans saying fun is something no Bramble whitch like and are all work and no play and was an a lonely outcast and hard the main land was full of people like her after that  she becomes a rather interesting alley. she is also give a job at the castle which is simply hanging things to high for toads to reach(being she can fly on her broom.)

she is not really seen for a while until strange thornie vines invade the beanbean kingdom she is called by peach to help since they looked like the brambles she makes. Her and Peasly have a rocky start and keep insulting one another because they were both agtivated but they do become close friends with  as they have close personalitys and a love for guarding.She then becames a Imbasiter in the Sākuru kingdoms(mushroom,beanbean,flower, jewelry and sarasaland) meetings to help other kingdoms know what to do if other Bramble whitches like her come to their kingdoms.She's not to good with first impressions and is someone you have to know (put up with) for more than a day.
Well today we put down my old friend freckles we had him for 14 years he wouldn't eat or walk with out you pocking him .he was my first doggy and I already miss him so much. 


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