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Mario OC: Ragle Rweedths by art-is-my-bream
Mario OC: Ragle Rweedths
Name: Ragle rweeths

Name meaning: play on ragweed

Species: bramble whitch.

Age: 25.

Eye color: grayish purple.

Hair: blackish purple with hair band.

Place of residences: home in the fogy forest.

Home land:bramble Island.
Friends:Luigi, Mario, Princess peach, Prince Peasly, Prince Pine, Prince Haru,Princess Daisey.

Likes: flying, magic,Parking,grading,playing, wind,helping,organized chasos,jump scaring, watching people message up.

Dislikes: being looked down on, the color orange, boos,Bowser(and koopas), Goombas(evil), being bitten, being ittchy, being spooked,getting wet,Fire,slugs.

Weakness: a bit arogent, a loud mouth, has a hard time in big crowds, ADHD,likes to point out people's flaws (won't let Peasly live down being turned into a dragon.), Doesn't things seriously,has a hard time learning main land spells,overreacts.

Personality: Is really childish and loves to push peoples buttons but a true friend and helpful once you get to know her.she is a space case and is easily distracted by somethings and can be forgetful (she left Bramble island with out getting a spells book.). While she'll never admit it she's not the best at spells that doesn't come naturally to her kind (bramble growing  and levitating.).if she gets embarrassed if front of someone she can't talk to them for a day and if she's mad you can expect to be the target of her pranks. While being bratty is something she loves she only dose it if the person she has a prank pland for is not sad or angry. Likes to be parked back.

Bio: Ragle comes for bramble island a far away island from the main land (where the mushroom kingdom is). She's also the first Bramble whitch to come to the main land in over 200 years. This is seen as odd as bramble whitches literally live in a world of black and white,rules, no fun and tend to view the the main landers as unorginzed. But Ragle unlike her kind has a love for mischief. When she first meets princess peach and the Mario brothers she comes as an enemy of sorts as she cause's things in the castle too levitate,surprised (scare.),zapp,dump water on them and getting them tangled in bramble vines. after getting feed up the Mario mages to knock her off her broom he asks why she was being mean to them. Shocked she reveals she thought the reactions to the 'pranks'where the right ones considering that's the ones she got from everyone back on the Island. After explaining a prank is something confuse and not hurt people they then ask why she left her home. She exsplans saying fun is something no Bramble whitch like and are all work and no play and was an a lonely outcast and hard the main land was full of people like her after that  she becomes a rather interesting alley. she is also give a job at the castle which is simply hanging things to high for toads to reach(being she can fly on her broom.)

she is not really seen for a while until strange thornie vines invade the beanbean kingdom she is called by peach to help since they looked like the brambles she makes. Her and Peasly have a rocky start and keep insulting one another because they were both agtivated but they do become close friends with  as they have close personalitys and a love for guarding.She then becames a Imbasiter in the Sākuru kingdoms(mushroom,beanbean,flower, jewelry and sarasaland) meetings to help other kingdoms know what to do if other Bramble whitches like her come to their kingdoms.She's not to good with first impressions and is someone you have to know (put up with) for more than a day.
not short. by art-is-my-bream
not short.
so in the g.i. joe story i'm writing beach head is one of the shorter Joe's at only 5"11

Base: not found at the moment but all my thanks to the owner.
TF:A Flareup base by art-is-my-bream
TF:A Flareup base
here's another transformers animated femm bot  base 

Rules :

No need to ask.

Link back i'ed love the see it. 

please don't steal. 

have fun.

original pic…

Flareup(c) Hasbro
TFA: Tina and Luna ready for action by art-is-my-bream
TFA: Tina and Luna ready for action
okay so i haven't posted in awhile so here's my TF:A human oc's in their cyberarmor on cybertron. in my story after prowl dies they go to cybertron with the other so here's where a desepticon attacks and they get to show what they can do for the first time.
Well today we put down my old friend freckles we had him for 14 years he wouldn't eat or walk with out you pocking him .he was my first doggy and I already miss him so much. 


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just call me Chris or crissie
United States
i'm your level 10 tom boy and level 10 nerd to boot

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