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G.I. Joe OC: G.I. by art-is-my-bream
G.I. Joe OC: G.I.
my G.I. Joe oc G.I.  an android( gynoid  if you ask Lifeline) that works under the Joe's.

code name: G.I.(guidance intelligence device) 

real name: G.I. (human name N/A)

group/alliance: G.I. Joe

nicknames: Ga GG

Age: ??? Unknown looks around early 20's


P.O.B: ??? was made in a top secret government lad  

residence: the pit/the u.s.s flagg 

hair color: orange

eyes: green 

 relatives:??? unknown/non

 ablates/strengths : hacker,hand-to hand(trained by snake eyes and scarlet), quick witted, good morel scenes,friendly.

weaknesses: stubborn, a bit air headed, bad stamina, bad aim,may speak up at bad times/out of place.


once confirmed in good working order  G.I. was placed in a stasis pod for transport to Joe HQ. But while on the way the platoon transport was attacked by cobra and she was taken. once informed of the attack the  a Joe team made up of Duke,Scarlet,snake eyes  Flint lady jay and wild Bill where sent to retrieve her. once in side the Joe's find her quick enough and learn only and authorized voice can open the pod Duke gives his data and the pod opens  G.I. steps out and seams to be just what camander hawk said an emotion less machine that just fallows orders but after some small events duke believes something is up . the Joe's almost make it out but a surprise attack leaves most of them captured. and commander cobra tells them he let them get G.I. because he could not open the pod himself. after being thrown in a cell together duke tell G.I. to drop the act he known's she faking her emotionlessness. Duke asks why she faked not having emotions and she tells him the only why they'ed let her go is if she was what they wanted and emotionless order follower. once rescued by snake eyes the Joe's get her back to the base where she is assigned them. the later learn she only knows military protacall and not much eles about being a solider and has bad stamina and aim at this duke assigns her  tho hand to hand combat training with snake eyes and shooting practice with him. 
Well today we put down my old friend freckles we had him for 14 years he wouldn't eat or walk with out you pocking him .he was my first doggy and I already miss him so much. 


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just call me Chris or crissie
United States
i'm your level 10 tom boy and level 10 nerd to boot

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