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hazel and her girls. by art-is-my-bream
hazel and her girls.
here are hazel's closest friends from school.

Hazel Nomer.

A.k.a Ariel Spark 
School life:

While not the most popular girl at school she is part of the semi-popular crowd with a love servo mechanics and enrolled in the schools dance program, she's found a friend in peter parker and his girl friend.

Mary-Jane  Watson:

relationship to hazel:

The prettiest girl in Midtown High she is also with the nerd of the school Peter parker and friend's with overly energetic friend 
hazel next to peter she the only other person to know about Hazel's secret ID.


relationship to hazel:

shy and soft spoken she is only friends with Hazel because they are in the same dance group and Her best friend Ahsha befriending her first.


relationship to hazel:

Hazel's English tutor she is sometimes bullied do to her dress choices ad hajab, she wants to be an English teacher when she graduates.

Liz Allen:

relationship to Hazel:

a cheerleader Liz meet hazel on a snowy day when cheer was moved inside and crossed paths with the dance group in the gym the two talked while waiting for their drill turns. when Hazel befriended Peter and MJ the two became closer. the two often jock about joining the others team.


relationship to Hazel:

part of Hazel's dance group she is the most confident and out spoken, she thinks she and her team can never give a bad performance. she also admires punctuality.   

an older student she is also a member of the dance group and the "team mother" she often looks after  the girls and makes sure their feet aren't to hurt and gives out the handouts
two sides of the cion by art-is-my-bream
two sides of the cion
so here's a doll maker thing I did of Ariel spark(left) and Ash(right) the two both had grown up in the same house but went down different paths.

background together:

when found Ariel spark (Hazel) was put in to the foster care of Ms. Alice vlesh, along with her daughter Donna. growing up Donna became jealous has her mom spent most of her time paying attention to Hazel. when she was in her first real battle a pole fell on a car that was carrying Ms. Vlesh and hazels guidance counselor Ms. Midan killing them both. at this time Donna who was a test pilot was going to test a fiule called FE-21. this made the plane crash. in the hospital she found out from her mom died from a passer by doctor. angered she found out that she had fire powers and wanted to go after the one she thought was responsible Ariel spark and took the name Ash. once in a fight Hazel recognized Donna but Donna didn't recognize Hazel(do to the fact she never knew about her purple hair.)
TFA: rewind by art-is-my-bream
TFA: rewind
so, here's my idea of how rewind would look I transformers animated

original image;

Rewind belongs to Hasbro.
Well today we put down my old friend freckles we had him for 14 years he wouldn't eat or walk with out you pocking him .he was my first doggy and I already miss him so much. 


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just call me Chris or crissie
United States
i'm your level 10 tom boy and level 10 nerd to boot

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