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TFA by art-is-my-bream TFA by art-is-my-bream
Tina's look in tfa
Name:Tina hamman


Family:captain fanzone (uncle by marriage) Nance hamman(mom) dug hamman (dad) Mary fanzone (biological aunt)

Likes:hanging with friends, fiddling with machines, out doors, spring and summer, music, movies, going to the mall at 10:30 am on Saturday's for some reason, drawing even if she's bad at it.

Dislikes:stuck up's, bullies, when people don't listen, know it alls, pollution,Thunder storms.

Skills/talents: technical Science, Explanation, smart, as "sixth seans" that alerts her of danger a few seconds before hand, 

Bio:unlike her uncle Tina love machines and is a part time intern at sumdak systems with her best friend luna darlin they really only help out with feldtrips. This is shown when they run out after sari and tell mr. Sumdak the lad is ready. When the experiment gose wrong they are seen helping the children. When sari is showing the autobots they are there when she is showing butterfly that she shares a name with an organic bug showing that the girls have made close friends with the bots. She as well as luna have bin friends with sari even before they met the autobots Tina seems to be just as good with compressions as she is with machines she seems to the best person to explain something to the bots like when the bots ask what is a last name is she says "a last name is like um oh like where you stand like your part of the autobot family our name let's people know what family we belong to "

Look:the little blue half jacket was part of her first outfit but then i thought if tfa is a kids show they may just cover her top with some thing so it put it on to see how it would look and i really liked it so in the story some times she may have it on
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March 21, 2013
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